I love reading books of all genres and am a big fan of comics. I also draw a lot as a passion. Comic books represent information through graphics and short dialogues, and I believe it makes us smarter by helping us process information differently.

This book is my first step as a comic art author. The central character of this book is Arni. He is a smart, funny, and loving character who finds himself in the most extraordinary situations, where his wits alone can save the day. I am confident that my artwork and simple vocabulary will entertain and engage readers.

It took me about a year to conceive, draw and write the stories in this book. My biggest challenge was managing my schoolwork and spending time for this project. In addition to assignments, hobbies, playtime and videogames, a little work every day helped me accomplish this goal. I often relied on my parents for motivation to plan my time well. Both my parents are engineers, but they cared for my interest in comic art a lot. They also helped me understand that with belief and determination, I could overcome my challenges and achieve a big goal like this. They often say I should believe in myself first.

I am also excited and super happy to inspire Young readers, art lovers like me who are aspiring to be an author or artist to follow their natural interests and passion. I promise that as you read this book, the story and colourful illustrations will make you feel joyful, silly, happy, funny and delighted.


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